DetailNepali Cuisine and Food Products

Nepali Cuisine and Food Products
Posted on November 7, 2017

Food lovers! Here is something to chow on. Imagine a plate filled with 10 or more exotic recipes. That’s the smell of Nepali Cuisine (commonly known as Dal-Bhat-Tarkari).

Nepal is rich in culture and traditions. And all share the same group of spices. So, how different may the culture be, the food here has the same essence.

The phrase “Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour” has been famous among foreigners in Nepal. And to some extent the phrase is true. Dhal-Bhat has been a common dish throughout Nepal. The Dal is a kind of soup made from lentils and the spices add more flavor to it. Bhat basically is boiled rice sometimes served with boiled cashews, raisins, and other nuts. And Tarkari is the curry or veggies that go with Dal and Bhat. And some sour spicy pickle, Yum!  Sounds appetizing! Doesn’t it?

Other than “Dal-Bhat” there is one more set of cuisine, which describes ancient Nepal.” Dhindo or Dhido” is a dish prepared from millet powder. The procedure to prepare Dhido is quite easy but consumes a lot of energy to make it just right. “Gundruk” is an ancient dish that packs a punch of spices and sourness. It is made by tightly concealing green vegetables in a plastic urn and keeping it in sun for several days. Villages here still eat Dhido.

Here are some Nepalese Traditional foods:

  1. Chewra “Beaten Rice” is a traditional food in Nepal. Famous in Newari culture “Chewra” is made from paddy by soaking, draining, roasting, flaking and removing the husk.
  2. Golfuki “Puffed Rice” It is a food product famous in Terai region of Nepal. Used as a breakfast, this food is made from paddy and roasting it in “Handi”.
  3. Raksi “Nepali Traditional Liquor” or commonly Alcohol is a type of liquor that has been used in Nepal for ages. Raksi is an un-aged co generic spirit obtained by pot distillation of the slurry of Jand (a fermentation product of finger millet).
  4. Tama “Bamboo Shoot” is a product made from bamboo shoot. The flavor comes from the salted lactic acid fermented shoots of bamboo. It can be used for making Soup, or Curry and even Pickle.
  5. Churpi “Nepalese Jaw Breaker” is a snack found in the hills and mountains of Nepal. It is made from yak milk and tastes like cheese but super hard.

Nepal is a full package of Tradition, Religion and Culture. Click on the link below to plan your trip to Nepal: