Eco Himalaya InnCycling Group

If you’ve ever tried assembling, adjusting and maintaining a fleet of mountain bikes at a Thamel hotel you’ll know just what a thorough inconvenience it can be.  Not enough space.  No security for bikes and equipment.  Narrow and busy streets, with no room for bikes and riders.  It can be a total pain.

But there is a far better option for mountain biking groups. Whether your group will be riding the Kathmandu Valley hill trails or heading off to more distant trails, The Earthkind Cottages is the perfect place to locate your group and all those bikes.  There is plenty of room for bike assembly and maintenance and instant access to quiet streets for testing and nearby hill trails. 

We also have room for transport vehicles and secure lockable storage rooms where bikes and equipment can be stored as you require.  Our excellent on-site chef can also keep everyone fueled up with fabulous food at any time of day.

We can accommodate up to 36 energetic mountain bikers and as many bikes as they care to bring along.