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Volunteer groups:

Bringing a team of NGO volunteers to Nepal and getting everyone and all their equipment organized, focused on the task and ready to perform is not easy.  And trying to get all this done in just a few days in busy and cramped hotels is far from ideal.

But there is a better and more productive way –start building your team esprit de core and capability from the moment you arrive in Nepal by setting up base at The Earthkind Cottages. 

From the moment you arrive you can start functioning as a team rather than just guests in a cramped hotel.  At Earthkind Cottages you have the accommodation facilities you need and team-building space to get your team productive and ready to perform.

We can provide short or longer-term accommodation for up to 36 people plus room for equipment storage and off-street parking for multiple vehicles.  Our on-site chef can also keep everyone happy with three hearty meals each day plus tea and coffee as required.

So please consider The Earthkind Cottages for your next team of volunteers working in or passing through Kathmandu.